Yellowfin Tuna

The yellowfin tuna is among the larger tuna species, reaching weights over 400 lb, but is significantly smaller than the Atlantic and Pacific bluefin tunas, which can reach over 990 lb, and slightly smaller than the bigeye tuna and the southern bluefin tuna.


The Mahi-Mahi, or common dolphinfish, is a surface-dwelling ray-finned fish found in off-shore temperate, tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. Mahi-Mahi can be caught year round with our Big Game charters!

Blue and White Marlin

A marlin has an elongated body, a spear-like snout or bill, and a long, rigid dorsal fin which extends forward to form a crest. Its common name is thought to derive from its resemblance to a sailor’s marlinspike. Marlin can be caught between May through November with our charters!.


Wahoo is best known to sports fishermen, as its speed and high-quality flesh make it a prize game fish. Wahoo have been recorded at up to 8 ft 2 in. in length, and weighing up to 183 lb. Wahoo can swim up to 60 mph. They are some of the fastest fish in the sea.


Swordfish, also known as broadbills in some countries, are large, highly migratory, predatory fish characterized by a long, flat bill.  They commonly reach 9.8 ft in length, and the largest reported is 14.9 ft in length and 1,430 lb in weight.