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Nearshore & Offshore Fishing trips

Nearshore Fishing trips

Come fishing in the Gulf of Mexico with Captain Kirk and Captain Jarrett on our 25′ center consoles.  We offer a variety of  nearshore fishing charters.  Our 4-8 hour trips are nearshore fishing experiences that involve a mix of bottom fishing, live bait trolling, and occasionally working artificial lures over structure.  These type of trips require us to stay in state waters, meaning that we will never be farther than 9 miles from the beach.  You can always see land, and we typically will be within 20 miles of the inlet on these trips. On the nearshore trips we will target various snapper, trigger fish, amberjack, grouper, sharks, mackerel, mahi, and even the occasional sailfish.  Even though you can see land, you will be fishing reefs and wrecks in 60-100′ of water in the Gulf of Mexico.  Due to the ever changing nature of fisheries management, it is best to call us and find out what seasonal closures may effect this type of trip and what fish you may retain on it.

Offshore Fishing trips

For the more adventurous angler, we offer a variety of offshore trips on our Cape Horn 31t with Captain Adam.  These type of trips give you many options for the type of fishing and target species.  We offer bottom fishing for grouper, amberjacks, red snapper, and other reef fish, deep dropping for tile fish and other deep water groupers with electric reels, trolling for pelagic species such as wahoo, mahi-mahi, tuna, and even blue and white marlin, and last but certainly not least, daytime swordfishing.  These trips involve offshore runs of anywhere from 20-60 miles depending on the type of fishing and daily conditions.

Overnight Tuna and Marlin Deep Sea Charter Fishing Trip

Overnight: $5500.00

One Shot Charters is pleased to offer overnight tuna, marlin, and swordfish charters aboard the 40’ Invincible Catamaran “Poseidon”.

Daytime Swordfish Deep Sea Fishing Trip


Anglers can catch tuna and swordfish on our daytime fishing charters leaving from Destin, Ft. Walton or Navarre

Big Game Deep Sea Fishing Charter Trip


Come enjoy our Big Game Deep Sea Fishing Charters out of Destin, Ft. Walton, and Navarre!

8 Hr Nearshore or Offshore Fishing Charter Trip

Nearshore: $1200.00
Offshore: $1400.00

Our Eight Hour Charter Trips provide fishing out of Destin, Fort Walton, or Navarre and fishes up to four people.

6 Hr Nearshore or Offshore Fishing Charter Trip

Nearshore: $900.00
Offshore: $1050.00

Our Six Hour Charter Trips provide fishing out of Destin, Fort Walton, or Navarre and fishes up to five people.

4 Hr Nearshore (only) Fishing Charter Trip

Nearshore: $600.00

Our Four Hour Charter Trips provide fishing out of Destin, Fort Walton, or Navarre and fishes up to five people.

12 Hr Offshore (only) Deep Sea Charter Fishing Trip

Offshore: $2100.00

12 Hr Offshore Deep Sea Fishing Charter Trip Our Twelve Hour, Deep Sea, Offshore Fishing Charter Trips provide fishing out of Destin, Fort Walton, or Navarre and fishes up to four people. These offshore trips give you many options for the type of fishing and target species. We offer bottom fishing for grouper, amberjacks, red snapper, and…

10 Hr Offshore (only) Deep Sea Charter Fishing Trip

Offshore: $1750.00

Our 10 hour Offshore Fishing Charter Trips provide fishing out of Destin, Fort Walton, or Navarre and fishes up to four people for a variety of target species.

10% Discount For Military and Law Enforcement

We offer a variety of fishing trips tailored to fit your needs. From tangling with Red Snapper and Grouper to hooking up on giant sharks we will fish for whatever YOU want to fish for. We fish out of Destin, Ft. Walton Beach, and Pensacola so no matter where you are staying, Your Captain will pick you up at a nearby location.

Fishing tactics depend on target species and prevalent conditions but anglers can expect to slow troll live baits, troll artificial plugs, bottom fish, sight fish or jig on any given charter. All of our gear is top of the line Shimano and Penn light tackle that even young children and women can enjoy using. Using light tackle makes for a less tiring day of fishing and makes the fight even more fun!
*All trips require a 20% deposit. We take checks and all major credit cards except American Express any time before the trip and cash only at the dock.

Meet Your Captains

Captain Adam Peeples

Captain Adam Peeples is a USCG licensed charter boat captain with many years experience on the water. Growing up as a young boy fishing the “cut” at St. George Island for redfish, the salt water fishing bug bit him at an early age. After growing up fishing various areas for many species of salt water fish, Capt Adam enlisted in the U.S. Army and spent 9 years in the Army as a sniper. This included two deployments to Iraq and a stint as an instructor at the U.S. Army Sniper School, hence the name “One Shot Charters”.

Since leaving the military, Capt Adam is a full time guide and fisherman.  This is not a hobby for him, but an obsession.  He is the guy who is out fishing even on his days off.  Although swordfishing is his favorite type of fishing, he is well a well rounded captain and is just as happy to go play with the snapper and king mackerel as he is to spend a day swordfishing.  One of Adam’s favorite things to do is take his two daughters fishing, and he thoroughly enjoys introducing the world of salt water fishing to kids.  Some of Capt Adam’s professional accomplishments include Sportfishing Magazine’s Charter Captain of the Year for 2016 and 2017, awarded “Best charter of the Emerald Coast 2017” by Emerald Coast Magazine, finished first place fishing with team “Wide Open” in the 2017 Boshamps Swordfish Shootout, 3rd place Catch and Release swordfish division fishing with team “Ellie B” during the 2017 MGCBC, 2nd place fishing with team “Kelly Ann” in the 2016 Boshamps Swordfish Shootout,  and a couple of other local tournament wins.  If you want to fish with someone who loves what they do, Adam is your guy.

Captain Jarett Ortenzo

Captain Jarrett Ortenzo has been in love with fishing and the outdoors as a whole since he was a small child.  He grew up with a fishing pole in his hand, and has fished in many areas across the country in both fresh and salt water.  Captain Jarrett is our favorite “goof ball” and is always quick with a joke.  If you are around Jarrett, odds are you are laughing and having a good time.  Captain Jarrett is a former U.S. Marine who served from 2004-2009, including 2 deployments to Iraq.  These days Captain Jarrett captains our 24’ Cape Horn “One Shot”, and takes great pleasure in introducing people to salt water fishing.  He’s a great all around Captain, and is particularly good with kids on his boat.  Fishing with Jarrett is always going to be both fun and productive!

Captain Kirk Pristas

Captain Kirk Pristas is an avid Outdoorsman and Conservationist who began fishing the Gulf of Mexico since age ten. Captain Kirk is a native Floridian who grew up on the bay in Lynn Haven which enabled him to experience the many opportunities our great area has to offer. Whether it’s hunting for Sambar Deer on St. Vincent Island, diving for Spiny and Shovelnose Lobster, Alligator hunting, fishing for Tuna and Marlin out in the Gulf or just floundering in the bay, Capt. Kirk has done it all in the local area.

After spending nine years in the Air Force with numerous deployments to the Middle East, Capt. Kirk decided to honorably separate from active duty and return to his native roots. This enabled him to pursue his passion for fishing and the outdoors while being able to show others what unbelievable outdoor experiences our area has to offer.
Capt. Kirk enjoys almost every kind of fishing and always strives to provide the best possible trip that will make memories!

Destin deep sea fishing charters

Our Charter Boats

Our boats are fully outfitted center console fishing boats with state of the art electronics and well maintained 4 stroke outboard motors. From our 24′ Cape Horn, our 31′ Cape Horn, and our 40′ Invincible Catamaran we have a boat that can do whatever is required in the Gulf of Mexico. Safety is always our first priority, and all of our vessels exceed required USCG safety equipment requirements.


The Gear We Use

We exclusively fish with Penn Fishing Reels

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we highly recommend taking some sort of motion sickness meds just in case you might get sea sick. Sea Sickness will ruin your trip and turn a fun day into a miserable experience!

We typically target whatever species are in the area at that time. Many species, such as sailfish and tuna, are seasonal while others such as snapper, grouper, and red drum can generally be encountered 365 days a year. The bottom line is we will fish for what YOU want to catch.

We have full confidence in our ability to find the fish, however some days weather conditions, sea conditions, and downright bad luck can play a part in the days catch. Although it is very uncommon, it is possible that the fish just won’t bite. Our Captains will do everything in their power to ensure you catch plenty of fish!

Weather plays a major factor in fishing, especially here on the Gulf of Mexico. Trips may be postponed or cancelled at the Captain’s discretion for inclement and unsafe weather. Our customers safety is out number one priority and there is no reason to risk life or limb to catch any fish. Often if the Gulf of Mexico is to rough to fish, the protected bays offer plenty of inshore opportunities at trophy fish.

Yes, but be advised if you have a bit much to drink you can make it unsafe for yourself or others on the trip. Please enjoy responsibly and don’t drink and drive when we return to port.  In addition, no glass containers please.

Fishing Licenses, bait, tackle, and water are all provided for the trip.

Yes! If you plan on eating or wanting a snack by all means bring any snacks you would like.

Yes, you should bring your own coolers to transport your beverages, snacks, and catch after we return to port. There are plenty of coolers provided on the boat so you can leave any coolers you bring with you in your vehicle.

Yes, we will clean all of your fish and bag the filets up in zip-loc bags when we return to port. Keep in mind that a full box of fish can sometimes take over an hour to properly clean.

Tips are always greatly appreciated but never required!