12 Hr Offshore Deep Sea Fishing Charter Trip

The full-day charter is a 12+ hour trip on our 31 Cape Horn “Grace-C-Mae”.  The options are endless on this trip as we can deep drop for swordfish, troll for pelagics such as marlin, mahi, and wahoo, bottom fish for snapper, grouper, and other reef fish, or any other opportunities that present themselves during a full day on the Gulf of Mexico.  On this trip, you will typically travel 60-80 miles offshore depending on the target species, weather, and fishing conditions.
-can target reef fish or pelagics
-food and drink not included (water provided)
-fuel cost included, no extra fuel charges
  • Price (offshore only): $3000

  • Length: 10 Hours
  • Results: Keep Your Catch
  • Seats: Up to 5 People
  • Military or Law Enforcement?
    Ask about your 10% discount!

Types Of Fish You May Catch

Black Snapper
King Mackerel
Red Drum
Red Snapper
Spanish Mackerel
Vermillion Snapper

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