The cobia (Rachycentron canadum) is a species of perciform marine fish, the only representative of the genusRachycentron and the family Rachycentridae. Other common names include black kingfish, black salmon, ling, lemonfish, crabeater, prodigal son, black bonito, and aruan tasek.


Amberjack is an Atlantic and Pacific fish of the Carangidae family. There are many types of amberjacks, including greater amberjacks (Atlantic), lesser amberjacks (Atlantic), Almaco jack (Pacific), yellowtail (Pacific), and the banded rudderfish (Atlantic). *Anglers can catch Amberjack year round with our charters!


Types of Fish You May Catch Anglers can expect to encounter a variety of species during an offshore charter. Species encountered are seasonal but common catches include King Mackerel, Red Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Amber jack, Grouper, Jack Crevalle, Bonito, Red Drum, Flounder, Sheepshead, Porgys, Mangrove Snapper, Trigger Fish, and more.. Amberjack is an Atlantic and…